Sitemap - 2023 - The QURI Medley

Squiggle 0.8.6

Updates: Manifest Presentation, Squiggle Workshop this Thursday

QURI-related Questions, on Manifold Markets

Open Technical Challenges around Probabilistic Programs and Javascript

Using Points to Rate Different Kinds of Evidence

Squiggle 0.8.4

Announcing Squiggle Hub

Squiggle 0.8

Squiggle: Technical Overview (2020)

Squiggle Overview (2020)

The Squiggly language (Short Presentation, 2020)

Downsides of Small Organizations in EA

Relative values for animal suffering and ACE Top Charities

Ozzie, on the Mutual Understanding Podcast

Relative Value Functions: A Flexible New Format for Value Estimation

Presentation: Estimating Everything Everywhere Always

Upcoming QURI Events

Conveniences in Thought and Communication

Patrick Gruban, on Effective Altruism Germany and Nonprofit Boards in EA

Squiggle 0.7.0

Owain Evans on Ideas for Language Models

Accuracy Agreements: A Flexible Alternative to Prediction Markets

Some estimation work in the horizon

Estimation for sanity checks

Winners of the Squiggle Experimentation and 80,000 Hours Quantification Challenges

Use of “I’d bet” on the EA Forum is mostly metaphorical

Straightforwardly eliciting probabilities from GPT-3

Six Challenges with Criticism & Evaluation Around EA

Eli Lifland, on Navigating the AI Alignment Landscape

Misha Yagudin and Ozzie Gooen Discuss LLMs and Effective Altruism

Eli Lifland, on Navigating the AI Alignment Landscape

An in-progress experiment to test how Laplace’s rule of succession performs in practice.

My highly personal skepticism braindump on existential risk from artificial intelligence

Interim Update on our Work on EA Cause Area Candidates

The QURI Logo and Reflections on 99 Designs

Who do EAs Feel Comfortable Critiquing?

Probing GPT-3's ability to produce new ideas in the style of Robin Hanson and others

Can EAs use heated topics, in part, as learning opportunities?

EA Could Use Better Internal Communications Infrastructure

14 Ways ML Could Improve Video

Why does Academia+EA produce so few online videos?

Misha Yagudin and Ozzie Gooen Discuss LLMs and Effective Altruism

Announcing Our Newsletter, The QURI Medley