Eli Lifland, on Navigating the AI Alignment LandscapeListen now | https://youtu.be/94nrDKTjTTs
Misha Yagudin and Ozzie Gooen Discuss LLMs and Effective AltruismListen now | https://youtu.be/U6IiTIjCc_U
Note: We added this to the Podcast section of the Substack. Recently I had a conversation with Eli Lifland about the AI Alignment landscape. Eli Lifland…
Summary I compiled a dataset of 206 mathematical conjectures together with the years in which they were posited. Then in a few years, I intend to check…
This document seeks to outline why I feel uneasy about high existential risk estimates from AGI (e.g., 80% doom by 2070).
The story so far: I constructed the original Big List of Cause Candidates in December 2020. I spent some time thinking about the pipeline for new cause…
A retrospective look at designing the QURI logo
Many effective altruists seem to find it scary to critique each other
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