Too much work for any one group
I feel very warmly about using relatively quick estimates to carry out sanity checks, i.e., to quickly check whether something is clearly off, whether…
In the second half of 2022, we announced the Squiggle Experimentation Challenge and a $5k challenge to quantify the impact of 80,000 hours' top career…
Epistemic status: much ado about nothing.
I explain two straightforward strategies for eliciting probabilities from language models, and in particular for GPT-3, provide code, and give my…
Continuing on "Who do EAs Feel Comfortable Critiquing?”
Eli Lifland, on Navigating the AI Alignment LandscapeListen now |
Misha Yagudin and Ozzie Gooen Discuss LLMs and Effective AltruismListen now |
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