Eli Lifland, on Navigating the AI Alignment LandscapeListen now | https://youtu.be/94nrDKTjTTs
Misha Yagudin and Ozzie Gooen Discuss LLMs and Effective AltruismListen now | https://youtu.be/U6IiTIjCc_U

January 2023

Note: We added this to the Podcast section of the Substack. Recently I had a conversation with Eli Lifland about the AI Alignment landscape. Eli Lifland…
Summary I compiled a dataset of 206 mathematical conjectures together with the years in which they were posited. Then in a few years, I intend to check…
This document seeks to outline why I feel uneasy about high existential risk estimates from AGI (e.g., 80% doom by 2070).
The story so far: I constructed the original Big List of Cause Candidates in December 2020. I spent some time thinking about the pipeline for new cause…
A retrospective look at designing the QURI logo
Many effective altruists seem to find it scary to critique each other
Also posted in the EA Forum here. Brief description of the experiment I asked a language model to replicate a few patterns of generating insight that…
Given that we're going through this anyway, maybe we could at least learn from it.
EA is lacking in many areas of enterprise infrastructure. Internal communication feels like a pressing one.
There's a long road ahead for machine learning and video, even pre-AGI